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By Edgar Feuchtinger

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The 200th Panzer Engineer Battalion was the right adjoining battalion in the area east of Menarmont - Barien. 8 cm, one assault gun company with tour - six guns ready for action. The MS # A-871 -32- f irst "battalion of the 192d Panzer G-renadier Regiment and the sixth company of the second battalion were assigned to the two adjoining divisions. an end since we, by delaying tactics, succeeded in detaining the enemy as long as t>ossi©ble. It v/as the intention of the higher leadership to gain as much time as possible in order to build up the important rearward positions, of which the Meurthe position was the first in this sector, and make them as strong as possible.

MS # A-871 -57- As of the 7 December the group of pillboxes at the northwest edge of Dillingen became the scene of very heavy engagements in which the division was involved. These pillboxes were either not occupied at all, or they were occupied by police troops or Volkssturm. They had fallen into the hsndg of the Americans and served as e spring board for a further advance to the north as no fortifications existed eastward. The last tanks and reserves, this time from the First Battalion of the 125th Panzer Grenadier Eegiinent and the 220th Engineer Battalion, were employed to neutralize the new enemy.

The higher leadership ordered us to clear Saarlautern by assault, but made no trooris available. Street-fighting, fend in addition to that, MS # A-871 -54- pillbox fighting demand large reserves of men end large number of troops. The 400 - 500 men employed "by the division were like a drop in the ocean, and they would not have teen able to -prevent the enemy from pushing through Saerlautern very speedily. Consequently the division escort company was immediately sent in, and an el arm company of two battrlions formed, consisting of all arms of the division, particularly supply troops, workshop companies, combat, trains etc.

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