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That’s because excitement causes his bladder to fill up and if left unchecked, he would just do it right where he is playing. So ten minutes into the play session, take your pup to the potty spot and bring him back. Play for some more time and let him enjoy your company. Let him get to know all the family members and shed his initial fears. IIn nttrro od du uccee h hiim m tto o tth hee o otth heerr p peettss If you have other dogs and pets like a cat or a bird, this is a good time to introduce your dog because he is fed, cleaned and rested.

Have patience with your dog’s failure. Give him time to familiarize himself to the new pace. Think about it—your dog has to get used to you, the other family members, the house, the food, your language, the housetraining process, the obedience training and to top it all, he has been forever separated from his family. You are all he has, so forgive a puddle or two! T Th hee M Meeaall--D Deea all It’s breakfast time for your dog, so feed him in exactly the same way as before. Sit him down, set the bowl in front of 46 him and in the same place as well—it’s time to reflect how meal times play their part in the housetraining drill.

If he does his job right away, which most likely he will, then praise him and pet him enthusiastically. If he is taking time to do his job, let him sniff around, because that’s the way they get acquainted with the place. Most likely he is sniffing for a sign that he’s been there before and the fact that you’ve made him eliminate here just a while ago, will help him catch the scent of his own urine and make him eliminate again. Puppies have a very little control over their bladder and the moment they eat and drink, the meal and drink that was inside their system before, is ready to come out!

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