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His art is lighter, more painterly, less intellectual, than Rosso's. His most attractive surviving works are two large mythological landscapes, one in the National Gallery, London, and the other in the Louvre. The plunging bird's-eye view is typically Mannerist (we also find it used by Pieter Bruegel the Elder), and so is ; 26 the glittering, rather tinselly colour. And yet these airy landscapes are the predecessors of some of the 25 most poetic works of Claude Lorrain. Other artists, Italian and French, clustered round these three principal figures, but their personalities remain shadowy.

Bellange worked for the ducal Court in Nancy; La Tour spent most of his career in Luneville, where he worked for a prosperous bourgeoisie. It is presumed by art historians that he went either to Italy or to the Low Countries at one point in his life, and on the whole it seems more likely that it was in the north that he came into contact with the ideas of Caravaggio. His early works show the impact ot the startling Dutch Caravaggist Hendrik Terbrugghen. La Tour is mysterious in many senses, and art-historical arguments still rage about his development.

819). Meanwhile, Francois involved himself ever more heavily in the he was fortunate; the victory of Marignano marked the first year of his reign. Later, when he found himself at grips with the wily Emperor Charles V, his luck deserted him. Francois was humihatingly defeated by the Imperial forces at Pavia wars in Italy. in 1525, At first and taken as a prisoner to Spain. 33 Pavia did not cure Francois or his Court of their passion for all things and it was only on the King's release that the real hegemony of Italian, Italy over the visual arts in France began.

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