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By James W. Redhouse

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The Ottoman Language is the main hugely polished department of the good Turkish tongue, that's spokon, with dialectic diversifications, around the complete breadth, approximately, of the center area of the continent of Asia, impinging into Europe, even, within the Ottoman provinces, and likewise, in Southern Russia, as much as the frontiers of the outdated state of Poland. The Ottoman language is, in its grammar and vocabulary, essentially Turkish. It has, in spite of the fact that, followed, and maintains progressively more to undertake, as required, an unlimited variety of Arabic, Porsian, and overseas phrases (Greek, Armenian, Slavonic, Hungarian, Italian, French, English, etc.), including using the various grammatical ideas of the Arabic and Porsian, that are given as Turkish ideas within the following pages, their beginning being in every one case designated. the good Turkish language, turkje, Ottoman and non-Ottoman, has been classed, by way of eu writers as one of many " agglutinative" languages ; now not inflTable of Contents Preface ; notice on id of Alphabets xii; bankruptcy I Letters and ORTnooiurnr; part I quantity, Order, Forma, and Names of; Letters 1; Synopsis of Arabic, Greek, and Latin; Letters four; ? II Phonetic Values of Letters, Vowel-Points, Orthographic symptoms, Transliteration, Ottoman Euphony 15; bankruptcy IL Ottoman Accidence; part I Nouns major fifty one; ? II Nouns Adjective GS; ? III Numerals seventy four; , IV Pronouns eighty two; vi; desk of contents; part V Demonstratives 8b; ? VI Interrogatives 89; ? VII Relative Pronouns ninety; ? VIIIDerivation of Verbs ninety two; (Table) ninety four; ? IX Conjugation of Verbs ; Moods; Tenses ;; Participles; Verbal Nouns; Gerunds ninety nine; ? X Numbers aiul Tersons a hundred and fifteen ? XI complicated different types of Verbs , 119; ? XII First complicated type a hundred and twenty ? XIII moment ? ? one hundred twenty five; ? XIV 3rd ? 129; ? XV mixed (Turkish) Conjugation 133; ? XVI unfavourable and Impotential Conjugations , one hundred thirty five; ? XVII Dubitative, strength, and Facile Verbs 141; ? XVII I Verb noticeable a hundred and forty four; ?

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During the archaic period the Greek cities on the western coast of Asia Minor and the nearby Aegean isles gave birth to the world’s first philosophers of nature, as well as lyric poets, geographers, architects and historians, the flowering of a renaissance that had begun during the previous century with the epics of Homer. The most notable of the historians, Herodotus of Halicarnassus, was born at the very end of the archaic period, during the Persian Wars, which he describes in his Histories as a great struggle with the successive Asian conquerors who emerged to confront the Greeks in Anatolia and Hellas.

Other Aeolian colonies were founded in the Troad at sites ranging from the shore of the Adramyttene Gulf to the Hellespont, including Antandros, Polymedion, Lamponia, Hamaxitus, Colonae, Neandria, Cebren, Scepsis, Gergis, Sigeion and Dardanos, while Abydos was founded by Ionians from Miletus. Around 750 BC Aeolian colonists also founded a settlement on the site of ancient Troy called Ilion, the stratum on the Hisarlık mound now known as Troy VIII, perpetuating the name of the Homeric city. Other Aeolian cities in the Troad also had Homeric associations, the most obvious being Achilleion and Dardanos.

Herodotus says that the army of Xerxes ‘was indeed far greater than any of which we know’, with contingents from all over the Persian Empire. He reports that there were 1,700,000 men in the army and 3,000 ships in the fleet, which would add another half million to the size of the Persian force, though a modern estimate puts the total number of troops at about 300,000. Herodotus says that there were 1,207 triremes in the Persian fleet, including 307 from the Greek cities in Anatolia, the nearby Aegean islands and the Hellespontine shores.

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