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Only experimentation can show the artist a way out of the prison of style toward a greater truth. Only through trying out new effects never seen before in paint could he learn about nature. "7 A scene to be rendered faithfully will always have much more in it than is reproducible in any medium. The problem is one of representation in a particular respect rather than in another. "Why should not the painter be able to imitate the colors of any object if the maker of wax images manages this trick so well?

I frankly cannot see why harmony and fulfillment must include richness, while the remarkable quality of art is that it adds to the rich complexity of things, enhances experience. This is another way of stating the supreme value of art which I will develop: art enhances and enriches more than it completes or fulfills. Rightness here becomes one of the major dimensions of enhancement, that which I call perfection. Perfection always involves rich and intense contrasts with imperfection, incompleteness, and mediocrity.

This awareness reduces the illusionary powers of viewing, the particular appearance we see from the correct centre of projection. Our 5. See Erie Loran: Cezanne's Composition, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1970; discussed below, pp. 167-68. 6. Ernst H. Gombrich: Art and Illusion, New York, Phaedon, 1960, p. xiii. 7. , pp. 320,345. 8. , pp. 37-38. 9 Verisimilar achievements in linear perspective are attained at the expense of severe distortions from other points of view. Verisimilitude, therefore, is difficult to achieve and is to be appreciated only in the context of, relative to, therefore in contrast with, all other relevant artistic conditions.

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