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By Sam Mbah, I. E. Igariwey

ISBN-10: 1884365051

ISBN-13: 9781884365058

The 1st publication at the subject. Covers anarchistic components in conventional African societies, African communalism, “African socialism,” and the after-effects of colonialism.

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Yoruba mothers of an abiku may join Egbe Ogba, which is a cult designed to conciliate the spirit through a ceremony. These members fashion iron rattles for the children to wear around their ankles. Upon the death of the child, a mother may shave a spot on its head or cut a notch in its ear as a future identifier should the child return. –1789). The alaafin (king) of the Yoruba Oyo Empire between 1770 and 1789. He was the first alaafin to rule after defeat- ABORTION • 5 ing Dahomey (in present-day Benin).

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