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Africans and Britons within the Age of Empires, 1660-1980 tells the tales of the intertwined lives of African and British peoples over greater than 3 centuries. In seven chapters and an epilogue, Myles Osborne and Susan Kingsley Kent discover the characters that comprised the British presence in Africa: the slave investors and slaves, missionaries and explorers, imperialists and miners, farmers, settlers, legal professionals, chiefs, prophets, intellectuals, politicians, and squaddies of all shades.

The authors convey that the oft-told narrative of a monolithic imperial energy ruling inexorably over passive African sufferers not stands scrutiny; particularly, at each flip, Africans and Britons interacted with each other in a posh set of relationships that concerned as a lot cooperation and negotiation as resistance and strength, no matter if through the period of the slave alternate, the area wars, or the interval of decolonization. The British presence provoked quite a lot of responses, reactions, and variations in a number of elements of African existence; yet while, the event of empire in Africa – and its final cave in – additionally forced the British to view themselves and their empire in new methods.

Written by means of an Africanist and a historian of imperial Britain and illustrated with maps and images, Africans and Britons within the Age of Empires, 1660-1980 provides a uniquely wealthy standpoint for knowing either African and British history.

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But Grey chose to believe in the plot. He refused to stop the killing when he had opportunities to do so and rejected the entreaties of Xhosa chiefs who pleaded with him in 1857 for food as thousands of their people starved. Grey’s inaction resulted from a specific agenda. He believed that the entire region of British Kaffraria would be a better place without Xhosa living in it and that white settlers should inhabit the whole area. As the Xhosa collapsed he set about implementing his vision for the land.

The large proportion of European men at the Cape, however, meant that many offspring were produced from interracial unions. Because slave status passed through the mother’s line, European men who fathered children with slave women had children who were legally slaves; free women who had children with slave men had free children. It was common at certain points in Cape history for householders to father children with their women slaves, thereby increasing the numbers of slaves they owned. Overall, the treatment of slaves compared unfavorably with North American plantations.

Dreary weather, crowded cities, and the fast-paced bustle of urban life among strangers proved disconcerting. Making ends meet was impossible without the assistance of poor relief. Soup kitchens could do little to stem the unemployment and poverty exacerbated by postwar depression. The highly visible presence of ex-slaves on the streets of London who had served as sailors, soldiers, or laborers during the war excited much adverse comment, some of it verging on racist hatred. But another, more generous, response emerged as well.

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