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Army recruits are routinely vaccinated against a 17 The Vaccine Connection range of diseases. One of them is smallpox, in case an enemy should try to use smallpox as a biological warfare agent. A healthy 19-year old Army recruit developed AIDS after vaccination, and was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he died. In a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Walter Reed medical team scientists reported their discovery of the connection between vaccination and stimulated AIDS disease.

Homosexuals — particularly from San Francisco and New York — had made Haiti their vacation playground. They even ran ads to this effect in their gay newsletters and mngazines. WHO then vaccinated some 15,000 or so Haitians against smallpox, using the vaccine contaminated with the AIDS virus. This introduced AIDS into Haiti and into the Haitians. S. S. with them. There the nature of the activities engaged in by homosexuals was responsible for enhanced spread of the virus among members of the homosexual community.

In a shocking article, "Smallpox vaccine 'triggered Aids virus'," in the London Times of May 11,1987, Times Science Editor Pearce Wright announced that the AIDS epidemic may have been caused by World Health Organization (WHO) smallpox inoculations in thirdworld countries. In an important article in Easy Reader, June 4, Jon Rappoport reported the Times article and the results of an interview with Robert Matthews, technical correspondent of the Times. According to Rappoport, Matthews informed him WHO itself had somehow suspected that its immunization program against smallpox might be connected to AIDS.

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