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By Thomas A. Cardwell

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A company for joint struggle

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As the war expanded into Laos, new questions arose over command relations . On 12 May 1964 President Lyndon B . $$ Joint Task Force 116 was deployed to show US resolve about Laos . This new arrangement presented a problem for the Air Force and Army. Air Force assets were fragmented among three commands : Joint Task Force 116, air units from the USAF's Tactical Air Command ; South Vietnamese air units under the 2d Air Division advanced echelon ; and air units in Thailand under the Thirteenth Air Force .

The division commanders then held onto "their" pursuit and tactical bombers, much the same way as they held onto their artillery assets . This prevented concentrated employment, left no capability for powerful offensive punches, and gave the initiative to the Germans so they could mass and strike whenever they chose . Gen Carl ("Tooey") Spaatz, commander of the Twelfth Air Force, and General Arnold argued for doctrinal and organizational changes to this arrangement. Spaatz was impressed with the way British Army Gen Bernard L .

This was a relatively new role for Marine forces because in past conflicts the Marines participated primarily in amphibious operations and had little or no play in sustained operations ashore, although they did have forces in Korea to carry out sustained operations ashore. When the issue was raised 31 AIRLAND COMBAT in Vietnam, the Army and Air Force chiefs decided to place all aviation assets under the air component commander . * After Vietnam the question of USMC forces being committed to sustained operations ashore came up again during the review of operations plans in NATO .

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