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By Laurence O Williams

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This use of plant matter causes many problems. They range from deforestation, increased erosion, and loss of habitat for wild life. In some places, deforestation has progressed so far that the indigenous peoples must hike for kilometers to obtain enough wood for cooking. Biomass technology cannot be expanded very much beyond current uses and will very unlikely to become a large enough source of energy to aid in the replacement of fossil fuels. Currently solar energy collector systems are only practical when coupled to a large robust energy source that can take over when there is no solar energy available.

The demand for fuel is destroying the remaining forests. In some places, notably Brazil, it is practical to grow com or sugar cane and ferment it to alcohol for use as motor fuel. In most places, no land is available for harvesting solar energy by growing plants for fuel. There is consideration of purposeful growth of plants to provide a combustible fuel for energy generation. ^^ The promoters have selected the term biomass energy technology for this ancient method of collecting solar energy.

The pace of construction of windmills has increased faster than that of solar energy plants because wind power is costs competitive in some situations. All of these systems are coupled with a robust base load system. Thus, disadvantages of intermittent operation and unreliability of the wind as an energy source is not a large penalty. They have also demonstrated that large windmills produce a powerful very low frequency sound that is extremely irritating. This sound seems to carry long distances.

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