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By Rosemary Rock-Evans

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You may decide to use a combination of these or a hybrid in your firm. It does not matter which, provided that you retain the convention chosen and that everyone knows what the symbols mean. DCE is alone in having a diagrammatic convention for parallel activities (that is, independent activities). Although this should be clear from the DFD, it is an extremely useful convention and I feel it should be embodied in any composite set of conventions. 33: Example of events on the list' diagram selection are usually applicable at the detailed analysis stage and especially so in relation to the string of activities triggered by an event.

Details of the business's account with the bank are used to create a deposit which is then sent to the bank. In order to prepare the deposit, checked payments must be available. Thus, the activity 'prepare deposit' is logically dependent for its data on the 'process payment' activity which is also logically dependent on the data of payments and unpaid invoices. This implies that another activity will have put unpaid invoices into the data store of invoice, ready for the process payment activity to use.

Any type of 'update' will put the data into a new state. When the activities act—whatever they are doing—they will look at data which is in the correct state for them. 47. A. 44: Very fuzzy entity model, with group entity types rather than precise entity types • Vendor details also consist of actual vendor details and details of the types of goods or services they supply • The purchase order details sent to the vendor have been decomposed and found to consist of the original orders and any later amendments • The request is processed by order preprocessing.

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