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Head shield U-shaped, with segments (tines) that sweep back to first segmental ends represented by prominent bulge in center of head that is slightly asymmetric and tends to be broader than S. floundersi, its body being more similar in shape to that of Marywadea ovate Reference: Glaessner & Wade, 1966 Type Specimen: South Australian Museum SAM P13754 Classification: Phylum: Arthropoda; Family: Sprigginidae. Although originally thought to be related to polychaete worms, with further study, S. ovate seems more similar to some kind of arthropod.

Classification: Phylum: Petalonamae; Family: Pteridiniidae; Narbonne has allied with dickinsoniomorphs, but this questioned by Gehling et a/. (2005) due to the very different manner of its preservation Ramellina pennata (holotype) Occurrence: Rare Locality: Zimnii Bereg, White Sea, Russia Rock Unit: Ust'-Pinega Formation, Valdai Group (Verkovka Formation of Grazhdankin, 2004) Description: Small bipinnate, leafshaped forms preserved in positive hyporelief with midline ridge and from this branch secondary structures.

Other Names: First described as Cyclomedusa serbrina by Palij (1969) but Gureev placed it in a separate genus, Tirasiana disciformis, Aspidella terranovica Description: Flattened cast preserved in positive hyporelief on sole of bed with 1 . two concentric zones with central knob forming third; appears very similar to Tirasiania disciformis and is probably conspecific; diameter 54 mm of body; diameter of internal zone 36-40 mm; central knob diameter 14 mm. 8 m), Ukraine Rock Unit: Lontova Horizon, Baltic Series, Zburch Formation (Cambrian) Other Names: First described as "Cyclomedusa serebrina" by Palij (1969) but Gureev, 1987, placed it in a separate genus; Tirasiana "species;" Cyclomedusa, Aspidella terranovica Description: Small cast preserved in positive hyporelief on the sole of bed with two concentric zones with a small central knob forming third; appears very similar to Tirasinia disciformis and is probably conspecific (Fedonkin, pers.

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