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By Keith G. Walker

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This ebook offers for the 1st time a background of Eretria in the course of the Archaic period, the city's so much impressive interval of political value and Keith Walker examines all of the significant parts of the city's success.

One of the most important elements explored is Eretria's position as a pioneer coloniser in either the Levant and the West - its early Aegaen 'island empire' anticipates that of Athens through greater than a century, and Eretrian transport and alternate used to be equally widespread.

Eretria's significant, certainly dominant, function within the occasions of vital Greece within the final half the 6th century, and within the occasions of the Ionian riot to 490 is obviously tested, and the tyranny of Diagoras (c.538-509), maybe the golden age of the town, is totally examined.

Full documentation of literary, epigraphic and archaeological assets (most of which has formerly been inaccessible to an English speaking-audience) is supplied, making a interesting background and necessary source for the Greek historian.

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12, 59, 2; Str. 1, 3, 16 C58; 10, 1, 9 C 447; Ion ap. Str. 1, 3, 19–20 C60; Arist. Mete. 2, 8; Sen. QN 4, 17, 25; for the Lelantine springs: Plin. HN 4, 64. The Roman dictator Sulla was just one of many who came to Aidepsos for medical reasons: Plut. Sull. 26. Geyer 1903, 101 believed that the fact that the thermal springs at Aidepsos were dedicated to Herakles indicates a very early date for their use. The Eretrian deme-name may indicate the presence of warm springs: cf. ), Acts of the Copenhagen Polis Centre IV, Copenhagen, 1997, 362 and nn.

Generally I refer to the Aegean coast as ‘north’, and the Euboian Gulf coast as ‘south’. 9 10, 1, 3 C445. He is to be preferred to St. Byz. v. who places it near Oikhalia in the Eretrias and actually claims Strabo as his source! Cf. Meineke, Stephan von Byzanz: Ethnika (Stephani Byzantii Ethnicorum quae supersunt, ex recemione Augusti Meinekii), 2nd edn, Graz, 1958, 612 in his notes. The geography of Euboia and the Eretrias 23 10 Its precise location and identity have been disputed: cf. Calder, ‘The geography of the Beacon passage in the ‘Agamemnon’‘, CR 36, 1922, 157 likewise refers the name to the ‘highest’ mountain (Dirphys).

Byz. v. 60 For marble, see Str. 9, 5, 16 C437; 10, 1, 6 C446; Plin. Chr. Disc. 79, 2. For asbestos, see Plut. de def. or. 43 (Mor. 434a); Str. 10, 1, 6 C446. 61 Hdt. 5, 31, 3. 62 Isoc. Paneg. 108. Wallace, ‘The Demes of Eretria’, Hesperia 16, 1947, 146. His reservations concerning its boundaries are shared by Knoepfler 1997, 353–4. Adcock, ‘The growth of the Greek city state’, CAH III, 1965, XXVI, 698. His comparative figures are interesting although his remarks about the Euboian poleis are misleading: he divides the island among eight poleis, whereas there were, effectively, only four.

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