Armenian Apocrypha Relating to the Patriarchs and Prophets by Michael Edward Stone PDF

By Michael Edward Stone

ISBN-10: 965208042X

ISBN-13: 9789652080424

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C E o m i t everything from 'Moses established' as far as ' t h e d e a t h of A d a m , t h a t . . ' . N o reason for this is a p p a r e n t , a n d t h e fuller t e x t of ABD seems preferable. pVuluipp tp bt_ bpbuntu mJ ' n i n e h u n d r e d a n d t h i r t y years': T h e life-span of n i n e h u n d r e d years f o u n d in A is puzzling. BD read 'nine h u n d r e d and t h i r t y ' in accord w i t h t h e sources, b o t h biblical a n d a p o c r y p h a l ; see HTR, LIX, n. ad. loc.

Concerning the Death of Adam mourning. 35 And behold, ((they) saw) a beautiful woman and she had a small child in her bosom. And she approached Eve, and she was close to her. 36 And suddenly light shone forth from the child and filled the whole house and the environs. 37 And Eve, having taken the child in her bosom, wept bitterly and rejoiced. 38 And Ema, having awoken, aroused Seth and they related the vision to one another and, rejoicing, they were comforted. 39 And in the first watch of the day an angel of God appeared visibly and commanded (them) to open the earth and to place Adam and Eve (in it).

35 Part One: Texts Relating to Adam 1UIUOL[ 318,1 1—2 bqpuij 6np\ om np] t] / 9 bpp qfabp 16 puupuligt; I liui 17 uiliqgp 18 twb] I gbpbq I (Thing 2°] q'uijpb'up quijtg om / uijbp I qquij upuinnL u] + b L (qp)] tli wwwnLIUIU dittog / tujli om / jbqnjp] ijmfutp WUIJ p j uit;pli] £] linpui 19 wuippli 19—20 / Jnpjd b t ] om / qhlig hppbL + pi; L'iuiulj qupiiwn tptng / L JuilnL npu (qp) J n Linb ] n Linb / uij liu[b u dittog jnpu] 23—24 luiuui] bL om / fat 1uiuuilil;p 21 j p L 3 1 8 , 4 bppnpq 11 buig] IpuiJuij / fit;] om ualbhuijli] wjli 10 15 / tlbnuilibp] dpuiLnpbui mbuuiL hli l] om pnmuiL dwjlipL j bL 1°] om / 5 7 qnquijp linpui / qnmn2 pua[Uili + ifbb I p] pliq uijliiul; ipunjnuLibp I;] bp / pmppuinnq\] bppnpq] gmli^pl 13 nLlibp] I JuipiTJjnUy np 35 qn^p £ ] bqpuijpli bp bL 2°] om / ppp] jbmnj qliuij uiukp] puiuu{uib 4 uiliquiifopli] guili *>UIUbguiL u[iuuinL bpqrtL ifiuiq)uip 20 22 i/bptt/ b[ d/i] / bpbLbguiL] juilig / bL qpinwg pi; ' t h e third p u n i s h m e n t ' : MS Erevan ' t h e third great punishment'.

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