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By Johannes Schötz

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Johannes Schötz provides the 1st measurements of optical electro-magnetic near-fields round nanostructures with subcycle-resolution. the facility to degree and comprehend light-matter interactions at the nanoscale is a vital part for the improvement of light-wave-electronics, the keep watch over and steerage of electron dynamics with the frequency of sunshine, which offers a speed-up by means of a number of orders of value in comparison to traditional electronics. The experiments offered the following on metal nanotips, well-known in experiments and functions, don't in basic terms show the feasibility of attosecond streaking as a different device for primary reviews of ultrafast nanophotonics but in addition symbolize a primary vital step in the direction of this goal.

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24 we recognize the optical loss function. For higher energy losses and momentum transfers a ridge can be observed, the so-called Betheridge, which asymptotically approaches a dispersion of q 2 . Physically that means that for high energy and momentum transfers the inelastic scattering can be treated as being caused by interaction with free electrons [65]. To check the influence of the inelastic scattering properties on the employed model, we performed calculations of the inelastic mean free path and the differential cross section with the Drude-Lindhard model, the Mermin-model and the fitless procedure of Ding and Shimizu [60].

The variation of the DCS is shown in Fig. 8 b). The general smallangle scattering characteristic already mentioned above, increases with energy. There exist a number of databases, most prominently from NIST [67]. They usually only provide IMFPs, and don’t give DIIMFPs and DCSs which are necessary for Monte Carlo simulations. This is the reason why we took the effort of implementing the above algorithms. It must be noted that there exist a number of analytic expressions for the IMFPs obtained through a fit to numerical calculations.

While at high energies the different models practically deliver the same σtot . For 100 eV the differences are still only a few percent, whereas below 40 eV they might get as high as several 100%. In this region the biggest impact is from the muffin-tin model. This can also be seen in Fig. 3, where the energy dependence of the total elastic cross section for different muffin-tin radii is shown. The height and position of the maximum below 40 eV critically depends on Rmt . This can be understood by considering the de-Broglie wavelength λDB of the electron, which reaches in this energy region the size of the muffin-tin potential.

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