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The goal of this monograph is to check the identified actual features of 2 strange types of atmospheric luminous phenomena, to infer their features and houses, and to advertise efforts to enhance their knowing. those types, known as ball lightning and bead lightning, have visible pictures that fluctuate from the linear picture linked to normallightning. The phrases "balliightning" and "bead lightning" are used to indicate atmospheric luminous varieties that are sometimes saw and feature the geometrie form steered through their identify. Vet, it's attainable that neither phenomenon could in truth be a kind of lightning within the feel of a continuing electric discharge. Bead lightning has been defined because the residue of a cloud-to­ cloud or cloud-to-ground lightning stroke and has the looks of aseries of luminous balls separated through darkish areas, hence corresponding to astring of pearls, and continues to be noticeable for roughly one moment. Ball lightning has been defined as a unmarried luminous globe showing ne ar the floor after a lightning stroke and in addition final seen for roughly one moment. either phenomena stay noticeable a long way longer than common lightning flashes.

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The bead size was estimated at from 50 cm to several meters in diameter. Tompkins and Rodney (1977) and Tompkins, Rodney, and Gooding (1975) evaluated about 12,000 photographs from the Prairie Meteorite N etwork records. Over 120,000 lightning flash images were identified. Twenty-two photographie images were interpreted as having been caused by bead lightning events. 13. Tompkins and Rodney (1977) determined that a bead lightning image would be directly tangent to the tip of the continuous lightning leader path.

23) which is essentially 1% of the supposedly tTUe energy density, but calculated in a manner consistent with other observations and reports. Case 4. The energy of a ball lightning was estimated by Dmitriev (1967a, 1969) based upon experimental data that were related to the observation. An illuminated, slightly ellipsoidal object was originally reported to have appeared over a body of water after a naturallightning stroke. The object appeared to have a brilliant white core surrounded by two luminous shells, the inner one violet in color and the outer blue in color.

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