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By Benjamin R. Foster

ISBN-10: 1883053234

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2-volume set. comprises annotated translations of over three hundred Babylonian and Assyrian literary compositions. between those works are compositions in a different way unavailable in English, formerly unpublished, or incorporating newly stumbled on fragments. one of the compositions integrated are: Epic of production; Descent of Ishtar to the Netherworld; Atrahasis; Tukulti-Ninurta Epic; Adapa and the South Wind; Adapa and Enmerkar; Etana; Anzu; The Babylonian Theodicy; The discussion of Pessimism; The delivery Legend of Sargon of Akkad; The Gilgamesh Letter; discussion among a guy and His God; The Poem of the Righteous patient; A Sufferer's Salvation; knowledge of Ugarit; Sumero-Akkadian knowledge and Proverbs; Proverbs from Letters; Pious pupil; The Netherworld imaginative and prescient of an Assyrian Prince; Agushaya Poem; Sargon King of conflict; The Cuthaean Legend of Naram-Sin; Nergal and Eresh-kigal; Shulgi Prophecy; Agum-kakrime and the go back of Marduk; Nebuchadnezzar and Marduk; Marduk Prophecy; Antiochus Soter to Nabu; suggestion to a Prince; The King of Justice; In compliment of Babylon; Erra and Ishum; The terrible guy of Nippur; Lament for Tammuz; To Calm a child; To Recapture a Runaway Slave; To safe Brisk exchange at a Tavern; Love Lyrics of Nabu and Tashmetu; Elegy for a girl lifeless in Childbirth; Incantations opposed to disorder; Acrostic Hymn to Marduk; Prayers for Kings and Gods.

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I. " 2. 0 Ea, Shamash, and Marduk, what is my guilt? An abomination has confronted me, evil has me in its power. My father begot me, my mother bore me, They laid their plans and like a snake I [ I,' From the dark within I came forth and saw you, 0 Shamash! An ill wind has brought down my branches,* A mighty tempest has bent low my crown. My pinions were shorn like a bird's, I moulted my plumage, I could not fly. Paralysis has seized my arms, Debility has befallen my knees. I moan like a dove night and day.

Stand by me, 0 great gods, hear my complaint, Judge my case, learn of my proceeding! I have made a figurine of my sorcerer and of my sorceress, Of him and her who contrive against me, I have set (them) before you, I plead my case. Because she has done evil and has attempted villainy, May she be the one to die, let me live! ),2cleanse me, May the pine cone, full of seeds, absolve me. Before you I have become pure as the grass, I have become clean and pure as soap plant. Her spell, that of the wicked sorceress, (15) I.

542 Devotional and Ritual Poetry 111. l 3 e Mature Period (b) AGAINST LIGHTNING This is a prayer against the effects of lightning. The first part of the text is lost or damaged, but the surviving fragments complement well the preceding. 0 lord of [lightning, whose shelen illumines [the gloom], ] whose [command] cannot be altered, Might[y Irriga[tor of heaven and earth], who rains down [abundance], fragmentary lines) Who [destroys the wiclked, storm unrelenting, I cal[l upon you, lord], in the midst of [holy] heaven, I, [your servant], come before you, I seek you out and [kneel belfore you, lfagmentary lines) [ 0 Adad, fire] has come down and [fallen] upon my city, [At] your [command fire] has come down [from] heaven.

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