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By Robert J. Schwalb

You don’t imagine Hell is actual? That it can’t exist? That such an superseded, antiquated suggestion born of superstition and worry has no position within the 9th global? you then are a idiot. Hell is actual. It exists. And I’ve been there. Don’t think me? Come. i'm going to convey you the gates.

A grotesque portal lies now not a ways into the desert. occasionally, those that have occurred upon it swear they heard moaning, crying, and extra scary noises. Locals think it ends up in Hell itself—after all, what else may well or not it's? these solid into it—criminals, murderers, and different villains—have by no means been obvious again.

What will the desktops detect after they locate themselves at the portal’s different side?

Beyond All Worlds is a 22-page event for denizens of the 9th global, ideally of second-tier or larger.

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For his focus, Colin chooses Masters Weaponry. This gives him yet another weapon of high quality. He chooses a broadsword and asks the GM if his first sword can be a shield instead, which will reduce the difficulty of his Speed defense rolls (the shield counts as an asset). The GM agrees to the change. During the game, Colin’s glaive will be hard to hit— he is trained in Speed defense rolls and his shield decreases the difficulty by another step. Thanks to his focus, he also inflicts 1 additional point of damage with his chosen weapon.

The Aeon Priests have discovered the means to directly control people’s thoughts simply through the use of words and images. ” ~Narada Trome, anti-papist 33 7 Almost any numenera item would be welcome, but generally, nanos are most interested in ranged weapons, protective devices other than armor, and devices that have interesting utility effects—using magnetism, creating force fields, healing wounds, reshaping flesh, creating or destroying matter, and so on. This is true of cyphers as well as artifacts.

Action. t %VTUUP%VTU *OUFMMFDUQPJOUT You disintegrate one nonliving object that is smaller than you and whose level is less than or equal to your tier. You must touch the object to affect it. If the GM feels it appropriate to the circumstances, you can disintegrate a portion of an object (the total volume of which is smaller than you) rather than the entire thing. Action. 38 7 CHARACTER TYPE t ,OPXJOHUIF6OLOPXO *OUFMMFDUQPJOUT  Tapping into the datasphere, you can ask the GM one question and get a general answer.

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